Regards as a Brand , A quit popular for Customizing gifts since 2006.Under the belt of “Regards”  there are wide range of products like Chocolate Boxes, Decorative Boxes , Dry fruit  Boxes, Fancy Baskets, Photo Frames, Designer Baskets, Ring Ceremony Trays, Chocolate Trays and so on manufactured and traded at the affordable price. Beside this Regards has Specialization in Trousseau Packaging, Wedding Invitation Boxes and Gift Packaging Boxes and accessories also.

Since 2006, regards deals in variety of the products at Factory Price which starts INR.60 up to any cost.

Regards believe in, To produce quality products at affordable price. As quality is the major concern along with the Price, for the same Regards has rigorous process for the quality checking of the final products.

Regards is the only Wholesaling Brand of Indian Market, as its business mainly to wholesale its product to the retailers or big retails chains at pan India level with the help of smart logistic. Regards possesses a strong technology for managing orders in Bulk.  Via the office website of the Regards, which is any one can place the order after seeing the products via gallery.

Process for Placing the Order Via site

Step 1: Getting Register via simple process

Step 2: Go to Product Gallery

Step 3: Select the Product Category by clicking

Step 4: Select Products Sub Category of your choice

Step 5: Choose the Product of your choice

Step 6: View the Description and Offer

Step 7: Add to Cart

Step 8: Repeat the Process for selecting another product

Step 9: Go to My Cart

Step10: Finalize you Order and Submit

Step11: Get the Order Id

With the help of the Order Id you can further communicate for Order Process

Although there is very less scope for the after sale service in Customizing Gift Industry, But still “Regards” assure its clients for the after sale service if required because Regards believe in collecting and connecting with Happy Customer.

To get different types of designer chocolate boxes, the “Regards” is a most prominent way that provides amazing Designer chocolate boxes & Designer chocolate trays at reasonable prices. Off course, the designer chocolate gift boxes provide impressive charm to the chocolate gift.


Regards as a Beginning

Regards is the hastiest growing brand in gifting industry. Established in 2011 by the Rishabh Enterprises, A well-known Group in the industry segment of Gift Packaging Material.

Making of Regards:

The motive behind to Launch the Regards as a brand, to bring the Gift Customization industry in to the lime light and isolate its presence and need. After a long understanding about current lifestyle, culture, trend and taste of Society, that makes sense to promote Gift Customization. The rising rate of the educated individuals has changed the Society trends and life style to live. People like things those are attractive and sensational.

They are more focus on how are things looks like, what to receive, what to give and more important how to give. They try to do the different experiments with the things all the times, so that those things get a look more beautiful similarly with the Gift also.

To Gift or A gift always special as it is connected to make the bondingmore and more strong. Receive a gift always enjoyable, but while we talk about gifting that is always difficult to choose. There are many reasons to gift, but choosing a gift and make it presentable, So that a receiver get delighted that it the sole concern of person who want to gift.

A gift strikes when it is presentable. A bouquet of rose flowers or a pack of chocolates, which are may be not very costlier, but may put an extreme impact if they are presentable.

Along with these thoughts and with an urge to serve the people by producing best quality product, utilizing an experience of over seven years, Rishabh Enterprises put a foundation of Regards.

Why Regards as Name:

A gift is carrying lot of load of emotions behind it, by one word we have tried to bind all of them that- is- why Regards has been chosen as name of the Brand. It itself signify the emotions of the person who is intend to present the present.

Mission Regards:

To earn maximum no of delighted Customers/Associates by producing maximum number of quality products.

Quality Process:

Regards is very much concern about the quality production, for the same the quality assurance team have designed a rigorous & toughest process to pass the quality checks, so that customer get the quality product without any compromise. Regards’ mentors engaged themselves all the times for ensuring quality productions and improving product segments.

Quality Policy Checklist

  • Raw Material Analyzing
  • Testing & Scrutinizing Production
  • Inspecting Product Range
  • Double Level Assessment of Final Packaging
  • Following Quality Control measures for achieving TQM in respect of material, production, packaging and on time delivery.

USP of Regards

  • Smart Logistic
  • Quality Segment
  • Customized Product
  • Personalized & Creative
  • Quicker Delivery
  • Ascetical and Pious Approach

Product Segment of Regards


  • Chocolate Trays
  • Dry Fruit Trays
  • Designer Ring Ceremony Trays       


  • Trousseau Trays
  • Trousseau Box


  • Fancy Baskets
  • Handle Baskets                  

Assorted Auxiliaries